What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?


The difference between the two is a question most people generally misunderstand.

There are a variety of titles for Mediums, such as, Intuitive, Psychic or Spiritual. However, they all mean the same thing.

Deciding on the best type of reader for you, depends on what type of reading you require. I will explain this further.

Mediumship Readings

I personally work as a mental Medium, whereby I communicate with Spirits through the use of telepathy. I receive impressions through thoughts, both in my mind and body and act as an intermediary between the Spirit world and the physical plane.

Mental Mediums tune in to the Spirit world by listening, sensing, or seeing spirits and relay their messages to the recipient. They basically act as an answering machine in relaying the messages.

Mediums connect and fine tune with the presence of non-physical energy, outside of themselves for the information they relay.


Many Mediums combine psychic readings in addition to mediumship. However, psychic readings cannot offer mediumistic style readings or bring through loved ones who have passed on.

A Medium will connect with the recipients recognisable loved ones in Spirit and will give enough detailed evidence to demonstrate that they’re really linking with a specific individual. Our beloved pets who have passed are often looked after by a family member and will often be involved within the reading.

How Do Mediums Connect to Spirit?

In my work as a Medium, I raise my mind consciousness to a higher energetic vibration, in order to communicate with those who have passed over.

I relate it similar to tuning into a radio, to a particular station, in order to reach the higher frequencies, enabling me to connect to more complex channels, where the afterlife exists, beyond the veil. This in turn raises my stress levels by increasing the adrenals, putting the body through a stress response. This would be why a Medium cannot give reading after reading, due to the physical energy consumed in order to connect. The intention of mediumship is to let the recipient know that their deceased loves ones are still a part of their lives and will provide through evidence, they are still around them.

The mind is an amazing psychic tool, used wisely and always with love and compassion, becomes a priceless jewel.

Spirit communication is extremely fast so the messages are often shown in forms of pictures, similar to looking inwards at a moving screen. i.e. if the spirit communicator is a woman, they will often show you an image of your own mother within your mind, to let you know it’s the recipient’s mother, who is communicating with you.

In my experience of working as a Medium, I use a technique similar to the deaf Makaton language with my guides, in order to get the messages quickly over to me.

This style of communicating is the primary difference between a Psychic and a Medium. The emphasis being the Medium has the ability to connect to Spirits in the afterlife.

Psychic Readings

This type of reading helps to bring clarity to any questions you may have regarding love, career, relationships or financial issues, in order for you to make informed decisions for your ideal outcome.

Psychics may use tools such as tarot cards, runes, or pendulums, to employ alternate methods of divining information.

This style reading would give you a better understanding and offers a form of guidance of your future life’s path. This insight may help you with strategies for dealing with any challenges.

One can learn the tools such as tarot cards without showing inclinations towards being psychic.

Psychics are not able to connect to those on the other side.

What are Physical Mediums?

Physical Mediums are believed to produce a substance called ectoplasm. This is a substance produced from the cells of their bodies and those of séance attendees. It resembles fine cotton or thick milky wisps of substance whereby Spirit forms can manifest.

Many may produce apports of objects falling from thin air or from another time frame, such as medals, buttons or thimbles. Sounds such as knocking, whistling, direct voice or bell-ringing will be heard or seen by others attending the séance and will be external to the Medium.

Not all Mediums are physical mediums!

The mind is an amazing psychic tool, used wisely and always with love and compassion, becomes a priceless jewel.

It is wise to approach all readings, whether mediumship or psychic, with few expectations, as there is no way to know in advance who will come through for you. The Medium is the telephone mechanism and will pick up the call, however they will not be able to make a call to Spirit.

If your loved one did not show up, it does not mean they no longer love you, there would be a number of reasons why the connection could not be made.