What is the Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit?

There are many forms of Ghosts or Spirits, Poltergeists, Entities and Demons but they all have one basic ingredient which defines them, and that is energy, and in varying degrees of intensity.

The words Ghost and Spirit are thought to mean the same. However, they are two entirely different beings.

The Planes of Existance

There are seven planes of existence, each with a different vibratory rate. The slowest and densest speed of vibration, occurs on the physical plane, where we presently reside.

I try to assimilate the planes of existence by visualising a block of flats with seven levels. The level we reside on is the ground floor. The top floor, ‘the penthouse’, is where the angelic realms reside. The higher the soul travels through each of the levels, the more divine and pure the soul becomes.

After we physically die, the soul leaves the biological body and will continue on with its journey. They will go back home to the Astral plane, the second plane of creation. A place where our consciousness is focused between lifetimes.

It is my belief and understanding that the Astral plane has two sub levels, a lower and an upper level. It is the Astral plane level that defines the Spirit or the Ghost definition.


The term ghost is an earth-bound spirit – or dead people who remain among the living without crossing over to the other side.

Ghosts are individuals who have passed across to the afterlife due to a violent death or who may have undergone a sudden and tragic passing but who have not undergone the tunnel of light experience. Their soul remains partially earthbound and may have interactions with living people. It may also be because they want justice, or just have an extremely determined personality, not quite ready to leave. Their state of mind may lack an understanding that they have actually passed over and may struggle with this news. They are generally known to be troubled souls that can be disturbed in the knowledge of their own violent end and have a reluctance to fully move on into the next realm.

I found this to be the case when I have been asked to energetically cleanse a property or location, especially when visiting a murder scene, or where a violent death has occurred.

I have also encountered an anniversary ghost, as described in my first book ‘Soul Searchers’. I thought I had run over a jogger on the side of the road whilst out driving my car in Hertfordshire. The ghost was a solid looking form. I had felt the physical thump to my car upon contact. I later found out through news archives that many other drivers had experienced the same at the same location.

Ghosts have generally experienced some sort of trauma in their life and tend to stick to the location where these hard-to-move-past events took place. They may feel the need to linger around a place, seeking justification for their untimely passing.

Ghosts abilities are believed to vary, where some manifestations require more energy than others. There have been numerous reports of ghosts demonstrating the ability to create sounds, smells, or to move objects.

It must be said that not every ghost has had a tragic death. Many may have just had a rough and troublesome life, which has left them with an overwhelming amount of negative emotions and dark feelings. This may account as to why they are unable to move on and go to the “light”.

The negative aspect of them will depend on their characteristics when they were alive. People, whilst living their life who had been wicked to others, will have to find peace within themselves, for the pain and cruelty they have caused to other souls, whilst living on the earth-plane. There will be redemption.

Generally speaking, ghosts want to be noticed and can become mischievous. They may want to scare you by slamming doors, moving objects, or you could hear their footsteps.


Spirits are positive light beings, the soul of a person or animal which has the ability to visit the physical plane after the death of the body, to protect or communicate with loved ones. They have the ability to move back and forth from their dimension to ours here upon the earth-plane.

The term “Spirits” are those who are the surviving personalities who will pass through the door of death in a relatively normal fashion and have travelled through the tunnel of “light” into the upper Astral plane.

After a person crosses over to the spiritual plane, they will still retain their personality, form, and identity which comes across through a spiritual reading with them.

The only true difference between the living and a Spirit, is the world that we both reside in. The living, in the physical plane, and a Spirit in the spiritual plane. We are divided only by a very thin wall, in a parallel universe.

A spirit can have an emotional connection to a person, usually a relative or loved one. This can cause them to visit them frequently and especially so if they are upset.

There is a wide variety of ways that a Spirit might use to deliver a message, or communicate with the living. Such as, through dreams, which we formally call visitations. In a dream, we are often more willing to pay close attention to small details, however these visitations are mostly dismissed as wishful imagination. Very often it is a way for a Spirit to communicate and interact with us, as we tend to be more easily distracted and overlook the signs that they may be sending us on a daily basis. In order to thoroughly perceive and understand these messages, we must open our minds in order to accept what we are receiving.

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