What Happens to a Soul Subsequent to being Murdered?


I am of the understanding that those who die young from a violent murder are evolved souls who don’t need a long earthly experience. Although loved ones may be young in earth-years, they may be advanced souls who have experienced many incarnations.  

The angelic guides will stay nearby and be witness to the event but will not intervene. They will encourage their souls to let go of the earthy conditions and cross over into the light. I am often asked why our Angels do not intervene in times of trouble? If angels prevented every sad or difficult event we experience, we would be denying the reasons for taking on a physical form and all the experiences it has to offer us.

“Know there’s a higher reason behind all life’s events”

When one passes, the soul finds itself out of the physical body and will have a far higher consciousness and see things clearer than it had while in the body. Once over, they will receive counselling to come to terms with their departure from the earth-plane, before reintegrating into the next phase of their souls’ journey. They will be lovingly joined by their loved ones in a wonderful reunion and will be greeted by dear family and friends, who have previously passed. However, in murder cases some souls will not feel ready to cross over until they know what happened and their murderers found, and justice served.

If such a violent death had been planned prior to their existence here upon the earth-plane, there should be no problem for the soul in its further development, in the planning of their next existence.

When a person is murdered, their souls may often choose to stay around and wait to see justice done and closure for their families. There may also be a vengeful reaction of a soul that is forcefully evacuated out of their body. The soul instinctively knows when an injury will be fatal and will not stay around to experience the entire impact. The perpetrators who carried out the act will have to experience all the suffering they have caused to others, because they will also get a far higher awareness and perception. 

We are to believe that we write our lives before we incarnate. It’s written in our akashic records, a compendium of all our thoughts actions and events ever to have occurred in our past and present lives.  


Once the victim crosses over, they will receive counselling before reintegrating into the next phase of their soul’s journey.  

Our soul itself is never completely incarnated in the physical body. It will always permanently be free.  When it is time to leave the body, we will find ourselves in a far higher spiritual state and very much closer to the divine source. 

I was recently asked to visit a home in Buckinghamshire, where there had been an incident involving two young males who were murdered in a senseless act of violence. The owners of the home were worried their souls would be trapped due to the sudden attack and would not fully cross into the light. 

As soon as I’d entered the house, I felt a dark and sinister energy one of anger and aggression. The energy experienced is very different to one where a person has passed without trauma.   

Each specific type of passing holds a signature, a vibrational template that helps me to resignate with a feeling of how a life was lost. 

The victim would have spiritually known of my visit to the home as he was wanting to connect with me immediately.   

I felt a strong essence of him standing in the lounge within the doorway to the kitchen. I was later informed this was where he was standing during the attack and where he had died from his injuries. 

I felt his anger and confusion. He relayed to me within my mind as a form of telepathy of the events that lead up to his life being savagely taken. As my eyes took in the room around me, I could see there was a party in session. Then, suddenly a noise and commotion, as loud male voices were heard and screams filled the air. He told me he was face to face with a masked man and felt an initial blow to his abdomen and that was all he physically experienced. 

He told me he had a sense something was wrong that night, he also described to me of a person who was present at the party and of her involvement in his demise. He described her look and actions and of the communications she had with the perpetrators prior to the frenzied knife attack. 

All the information I’d received has been forwarded on and some has already been confirmed as being correct.   

He was able to describe how a family friend from the other side came to assist him and help him come to terms with crossing over. He wants justice and felt by going into the light straight away would deny him the actions he felt he needed to take. 

I was more than happy to recite all that was downloaded to me from him, if it helped him heal and move on from the experience. Once he had, he was happy to proceed into the light. I performed a spiritual cleanse of the property to dispel any residual energy traces and had prayed for him as he went into the light. I could feel he was no longer reluctant to venture further and could feel the room held a brighter and lighter energy to the one I’d entered. I could psychically sense the Angelic realm had come to assist, there energy of pure love was an amazing thing to experience.