What Are Orbs?

I am often asked for my opinion as to what I believe orbs are.


Orbs are a photographic image and one that just an ordinary phone-camera can capture. 

The presence of this phenomena has been discussed and debated over, I am sure in many paranormal circles around the world.  These little balls of light appear not only on camera but can also be captured on video as well, however most are not visible to the naked eye. 

What Are Orbs?
Moisture Orbs

This picture was captured on my phone camera, when hosting an event in a wood in Suffolk, England.  The trees were lit up using different coloured bulbs to create an atmosphere.   Although a dry evening, the moisture within the air could have contributed and quite possibly been the cause for these orbs to appear.

Orbs can appear in a range of colours. The colour of the orb does not reflect upon the strength but most are said to have an aura around its outer edge to some degree.  Sceptics believe these orbs are mere dust particles or miniature insects and that they are not a sign of any physical phenomena, or first manifestations of spirit life, trying to form. 

Could it be these balls of light are Angelic beings, being sent to guide us?  We see the Aura that surrounds the Angelic realm mimicked in the same way as in old paintings and especially of biblical times.  Is this a sign?!

I have found, from many years experience, that almost always, orbs are seen near Ley-lines. Some believe they can see faces appear within these orbs and that they reveal themselves where heightened spiritual activity occurs. Often captured when other physical phenomena is present such as hearing footsteps, objects moving of their own accord or when (EVP) Electronic voice phenomena has recorded voice communication, supposedly from those that have passed away.


I have enlarged the orb images for a clearer view. These images were again captured by myself.  During a Ghost – Hunt and whilst investigating one of the most reputedly haunted public inns in York. I had felt a presence from outside the closed door of the room I was investigating and had my camera to hand, in readiness to capture this image.

The first image was taken during an investigation into some spooky goings on at an old theatre in Bedfordshire.  I was sitting high up above the stage when I had captured this shot.  Employers who worked at this theatre had reported experiencing a lot of spirit activity with apparitions of children.

The orbs appear to have faces within them. These images have not been tampered with. I enlarged the images for a clearer view only.  Both photos were taken in reportedly haunted locations.

My Conclusion

Orb like structures filmed in dry dusty conditions and captured on camera and video generally move at a fast pace, rushing from side to side.  On closer inspection of the image these balls were not bright and are dense in texture. There is no colour or indeed aura to them. These orbs will be merely dust particles.

Orb balls captured generally outside, on closer inspection, are tiny droplets of moisture and may well even be pollen. Deeper scrutiny can reveal the orb to be a more pear drop shape, not circular.

However, I do believe that Spirit can form beautifully charged orbs, many with bright colours and auras and this is indeed an energy sphere.  I ran an experiment whilst filming orbs and had asked them to move to a specific area within the room. This confirmed to me not only did they have an understanding but also an intelligence, to go where I’d asked. I do believe orbs are a manifestation of a spirit energy.