Spirit Guides: Who are they and what is their purpose?

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are universal forces that we meet before we incarnate. They help to guide us throughout our lifetime. Your higher self helps select these guides, who assist us while we are living out our life upon the earth-plane.

Our Spirits Guides were once human and have attained a higher level of spirituality but are still very much aware of our human earthly existence. They may appear to have a male or female energy but in reality, they are just pure energy.

Some Guides will remain with you throughout your entire life, but will not always be present every minute of the day, while others will come and go and only connect with you for a short time frame, or come in to help you with a specific area of your life, when they feel you maybe struggling with a situation and especially during times of illness or grief.

The Guides that come and go at varying times during our lifetime, are similar to a child here upon the earth, similar to being at school, as they continue to grow and develop life skills. A different teacher will be assigned to them for each step of the way, who can teach or advise them as they evolve.

They are trained to be non-judgmental and will allow us to make mistakes, because this is how we learn from our experiences in our life time.

They will be mindful also of your privacy and will not be interested or inclined to view your personal life, especially during intimate moments, where they will respect your privacy.

Your Guides do have the ability and may work ‘serendipity magic’ and be instrumental in enabling an opportunity to present itself, should they feel it necessary.

They can manifest in an array of guises. An angelic being, a deceased ancestor or as a Spirit animal totem.

How does my Spirit Guide assist me?

They will not jump in to assist you at the first hurdle where you may find difficulty, but will wait to see how you are managing to handle the particular difficult situation.

They will draw close to your energy field if you ask them to, be mindful, they do hear you and will assist you as and where they can. Their role is to only help us but not to do the actual job for us, as they will be taking your life’s lessons away from you.

Your Guide may project themselves as an archetypical guide in appearance. A religious figure like a native american chief, a tribal leader, a nun, monk or a warrior. This may not necessarily mean they were one of those in their human life, but will project this image as a uniform to indicate what type of Spirit Guide they are to you.

I have always found a spiritual figure such as a nun, a monk etc are our spiritual communicators. Whereas a Spirit Guide, who shows us a warrior or guard, will be our door keepers and our protectors.

Protector Guides will assist you with discernment of what’s healthy for you, guiding you to safety in the physical world.

How will I know when my Spirit Guide is around me?

Ask your guides for a sign to let you know that you’ve been heard. Be vigilant to what signs they show you; they could be internal or external. They might use a variation of any of the signs below.

  • You could feel a fluttering sensation in your tummy, where the solar plexus is located, known to be your seat of intuition, your gut feeling.
  • They may appear in your dreams, or leave signs such as feathers.
  • You may feel a slight pressure on your head, or to the back of the neck.
  • Ask them a question and listen for what song comes onto the radio, as the words will resonate for you in answer.
  • You will begin seeing a series of numbers like 111 or 01 01.
  • A high buzzing sound in your ears or fluctuation in atmosphere similar to being on a plane.
  • Watch nature and notice that Robin, butterfly or dragonfly gaining your attention. Your power animals/totem guides will reveal themselves to you, by you constantly seeing or hearing that particular species, which indicates the essence of that animal in your life.

The more you take notice of these signs, the stronger they will become. More signs will be given as the communication with your Guide strengthens.

Learn to recognise what each feeling means to you and remember your Guide is your best friend. Communicate to them in a natural way and don’t forget to say thank you, as they are working behind the scenes for your best interest.

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