Is My House Haunted?

Am I Being Haunted?

Many people who believe their house is haunted are naturally frightened by unaccountable events taking place within their own home.  Your home should be your sanctuary and if you don’t feel safe within your own home, where do you go? 

These ghostly events can build up over a period of time, or just suddenly happen. I have found a common factor is that in most cases of hauntings I have come across, there has been a heightened feeling of stress and strong anger within the walls of the property, this in turn can cause an in-balance of energy.  

People not fully understanding of these matters naturally assume hauntings only take place in old buildings.  I believe this is because of the many paranormal shows being aired on TV of haunted hospitals, prisons and asylums, all buildings that hold an energetic charge of deep emotion such as fear. 

With experience of working as a physical Medium, I have found many hauntings have taken place in modern facilities, of which were built over ancient burial sites or such like. The land in which the property has been built upon could hold a residual charge of dark energy, especially if it was a location where many lives were lost, such as in war and conflict. 

What might I experience living in a ‘haunted’ property?

You may experience a sensation of someone standing close behind you, or feelings of being touched by unseen hands. The hairs on the back of your neck may stand up with a cool sensation travelling down your spine.  

Often it is common to experience cobweb type sensations upon your face with feelings of nausea and light headedness, especially whilst in certain areas of the property. 

You may be feeling dark depressive thoughts which may have an effect on your personality. Take notice if anyone within the home has taken on a pretty distinct personality change. A haunting can have a terrible effect on your state of mind and even your physical well-being and can leave you experiencing angry outbursts and becoming physically weak. Highly sensitive people will be targeted and become victims of nightmares with feelings of oppression. 

In demonic and extremely haunted locations, you may experience scratches to your body and hair being pulled.

What are the signs that my house could be haunted?

  • Strange, unfamiliar or odd recurring smells
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Electrical surges of power, television turning on or off
  • Light bulbs blowing frequently
  • Items being moved or thrown about for no apparent reason
  • Seeing unexplained shadows or unexplained moving shapes or shadows 
  • Animals are very intuitive to physical energy, watch for their reactions and log
  • Hearing voices of people, who are not there 
  • Seeing fog like mists, known as ectoplasm, a sign of certainty that there is a paranormal presence at work
  • Temperature fluctuations, for no logical reason 
  • Water appearing internally from walls or ceilings
  • Drawings on the walls 
  • Doors opening & closing of their own violation

How do Spirits enter my home? 

Spirits can reside anywhere and enter at will through an invisible door known as an inter-dimensional portal, a doorway into the physical world that allows free access to and from the Spirit world. A portal holds a vibratory frequency of mass energy high in concentration.  I know from my many years of working in this field, that if stray Spirits who have not crossed fully into the light and have a strong desire to reside in our earthy conditions, for whatever reason, they will. 

A Physical Medium will be able to detect where the portals exist and close them down after the property has been a spiritually cleansed. 

It would be wise also to check any energy lines known as ley-lines are dowsed for and disconnected from the property. 

What do I do if my home is haunted?

I would suggest writing down and making a journal of any events out of the norm that concern you, to determine whether there’s a regular pattern occurring.  

Make a record of anyone else who was present and what they witnessed. What the date and time was of each event that took place.  This could be an invaluable piece of information for the Physical Medium. 

If your home is indeed haunted, this will not cease of its own accord, it may even get worse  I would advise calling a local spiritualist church. They may have reputable Mediums in their directory with ‘spirit rescue experience’ to have them visit you, and give you advice.

The Spirit Connexions Paranormal Protection Bracelet is recommended.

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