Divine Children – What Happens to Children When They Die?

No one wants to or likes to talk about death in birth, but birth and death share each other, where one does not exist without the other. Life is cyclical which takes us into the experience of spiritual self-development. 

One of the most difficult connections I have are sittings with bereaved parents who are emotionally broken. The hardest loss to bear of all is the loss of a child at whatever the age and for whatever the reason.  

I recently read for a 76-year-old lady and had the privilege to bring through her miscarried child. The expression upon her face revealed the pain of her loss form all those years ago had never left her. 

The holiest of souls need so little time here in this world, some never even make it outside the womb, others only need their heart to beat once.   

Every soul that comes into this world comes here with a very specific mission. When that mission is completed, the soul can leave and return home.   The Divine child has a purpose and understands that they will be giving their parents a deep-felt experience. 

I very often have to fight my own emotions whilst relaying message from divine children to their parents, as this subject is close to my heart, having experienced losing my own child Claire as a toddler. 

Through my own grief I wanted explanations, I wanted to know and hopefully understand why these things happen. I do have a belief that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is random, for whatever reason and that certain souls do not need to come for long, into this world. 

My experience of the spirit world tells me that those children who pass, are well-developed souls who need only a short contact with the earth-plane in order for them to spiritually progress and that each soul chooses their parents because they can help us learn the lessons, we need in order to grow. 

I have found that generally through my connection to these young souls in the after- life the child, on most occasions, is able to communicate despite the walls of grief and despair built around the parents. 

On other occasions I have noticed that a deceased relative will be aiding them in bringing them through.   Sometimes it is the guiding hand of their guardian angel that will help bring them forth and aid them in their communication.  

Loss is something we all will experience at some time or another and can be the greatest tragedy and the most purposeful energy of our existence. We all seek answers with tons of questions.  Why did it happen?  Who is at fault?  The rage, pain, and confusion are all appropriate.  

The initial shock is deeply penetrating to your psyche and spirit whether, it is a miscarriage, a still birth, or later infancy loss.  

Your life will be changed forever and your heart may be hurting beyond anything you have ever felt. 

I am often asked what happens to my baby’s soul?  Does it ever reincarnate back to the same parents or does it only get one chance?  I am of the understanding that if you have lost a child and are hoping it will come back to you, then ask for it to.    

Invite their soul back but it may come back as a different gender than it was originally.    

A soul decides what gender it will be at the time of selection.  

My belief is the soul enters a mother’s womb not at the moment of conception but at the time of the quickening around the sixteenth week of pregnancy, when the Mother first feels the flutter of life within her 

A true story has always stayed with me. It talks of a couple who had twin girls. They were very much loved and were very independent individuals. Each having dolls of which were both named by the twins.  

One of the girls was born with a heart shaped birthmark at the nape of her neck, whilst the other had a similar shaped mark at the base of her spine. 

When they were around 11 years old, they had started their new school and had asked their mother not to walk them up to the front gates, as they had wanted to look grown up. They were so insistent that their mother finally relented but insisted she walk them as far as 100 yards away so she could see them walk through into school. 

On a day like no other day she walked them so far and watched them enter through the gates but this day, was so very different. She watched them approach the gates and had turned away as she heard the screeching sound of a car driving at fast speed, rooted to the spot she saw the car mount onto the curb and crash into the school gates.  An almighty scream filled the air and she knew instinctively this was her girls screams. 

One daughter had taken the full brunt of the force of the cars impact and had died instantly, the other a few hours later in hospital. 

Her world as she knew it had come to an end. 

She re lived her nightmare every time she passed the school.  A couple of years later they had decided to move away.   

They were settling into their new home in a new location where no one knew of their story. She had taken only the girls favourite dresses and the dolls they were so fond of and had stored them in a box in the attic. 

It wasn’t long after moving in that she begun to feel unwell and went for a check- up, which confirmed she was three months pregnant. This came as a total surprise to her. 

On telling her husband they didn’t know what to think. She had felt nervous all through her pregnancy but the delivery all went well. She had given birth to two beautiful girls. They were unaware that it was twins as they had believed the baby to have been large.   

What was remarkable was that one girl had a small heart shaped birthmark on her neck, the other at the base of her spine.  

The family were growing up lovely and when the girls were around five years old, they were playing in their bedroom, their mother had overheard them talking. They were unaware of her listening in. 

She believed there was a strong similarity in character to these girls, as to her previous twins. She brought the dolls which were stored in the attic, down for them to play with. Their response to seeing them had shocked her as they had called them by the names given to them by her previous set of twins.  

I do believe in accidents and I feel the twins passing was a pure accident and that’s why they were given the opportunity to once more be part of their parent’s life.  Each bore their previous birthmarks and somewhere deep in their sub-conscious minds they recognised their dolls and their names.    

The soul who will be playing the part of your child will wait for you to get to a point in your life that seems appropriate for him or her to incarnate.  

Divine children will continue their heavenly life in the same form as they would have on earth. They as children will continue to grow in the spirit world to become an adult  

This state will not last indefinitely but these souls need to experience innocence while in the ethereal states.   

The spirit world is an extension and reflection a parallel to our world, as we know it.  They can replicate anything they may have had on the earth-plane in the spirit world.  

There are many places in the afterlife that the children will enjoy. Through my guides I was shown my daughters environment.  There are nurseries just as we would know them, where Angels help with the development of these innocent souls and devote their time to the care of the young and tend to the babies.  

The spirit child realm is one of infinite love, truth, and limitlessness.  The Divine children will be made aware of their earthly parents and family. They will also receive the gifts you send them mentally for their birthdays and Christmases. They will know and hear you when you think of them with loving thoughts, it’s like sending them a post card.  

We rejoice when babies come into the world, yet many are sad in the world of spirit, when babies are to be born in our world.  Similarly, there may be weeping when someone dies in our world, but there is rejoicing as they return home and enter the afterlife and connect with family loved ones and friends once more. 

I hope that this small chapter has given you an insight into this delicate topic with a better understanding of what happens to our divine child when they return home.  

Know that your beloved is still with you, guiding you and sending you love from the Other Side. Know also you will be re-united with them, when it is your natural time to pass.

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