Bio Energy Healing

By Spiritual Medium Gail Webb

What is Bio Healing Therapy?

Bio Energy Therapy is a simple non- evasive treatment, an ancient Eastern form of healing which taps into the chakra grid which connects to all our internal organs.

By re-aligning the chakra grid and cleansing and strengthening the aura will assist the body to heal itself, be it emotional, physical or mentally

How Does Bio Energy Work?

As a trained therapist with over 25 years experience and knowledge of the human anatomy, I am able to evaluate whilst healing is in progress if any of the eleven organ systems are dysfunctional.

These systems work in unison with each other to maintain a healthy functioning human body.

We also have a “Life-Force” energy field that surrounds our external body known as the aura.

The aura is an invisible protective shield that is highly sensitive to external factors such as stress and emotions. If the aura contains residual anger, sadness, fear or any other strong vibration, it can affect the bodies coping ability and can in time cause blockages resulting in pain, sickness, illness or even disease by weakening the immune system.

During the healing, I act as a channel and tune in with the universal energy to help to clear any blockages that maybe found causing a disturbance on any level of the person’s energy field whether it be a physical, emotional or mentally.

What Are the Benefits of Bio Healing?

It will help boost the immune function. helps to alleviate pain and discomfort. aids in relaxation and de-stresses the mind aids sleep.
Can help in increases the blood and Lymphatic circulation.
Enhances and balances the electromagnetic field ‘the aura’ around the body.

What Happens at the Appointment?

Bio-Energy healing lasts approximately 45-60 minutes per session. The therapist will not touch your body at any time. You will remain fully dressed. Shoes are asked to be removed only.

You will be asked to lie down on a therapy couch with a light blanket placed over you for comfort. The surroundings will be private with soft therapeutic music playing in the background.

It is a safe, non-invasive, painless, and patient-friendly therapy

How much is it?


How do I book a treatment?

Please use the online booking system below. Simply choose your date and time, following any prompts or instructions shown to you.

Payment is taken completely securely online. I will approve your booking with a confirmation email.


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