Beyond The Veil Book Signing Launch


I would like to thank everyone who took time out today to help me celebrate the release of my second book, Beyond The Veil.

Special thanks to the Collins family who have supported my work and have given me permission to write about the loss of their son, Paul, to suicide. I want to share the amazing connection I have with him, from the Spirit World and of his journey through the Halls of Healing. To Tracy, who suffered the devastating loss of her husband and child and of the darkness that surrounded her family, as described in the chapter entitled Justice.

This book reveals my first encounter with my Spirit guide, Sister Francis and how after 40 years of working as a Medium, I still consider myself as a student. My learning continues, given to me by those that have passed over.

If you would like to purchase my book, Beyond The Veil, you can find it here onamazon

Alternatively, you can have the book personally signed by myself by using this link and I will post it to you, or you can collect it from me.