Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

My work as a full time Medium has not only brought through messages from Spirit to their loved ones here upon the earth-plane, but have on numerous occasions also brought through their beloved family pet, describing their breed and character.

Our pets know and understand on a soul level of the love we have for them and can see past our flaws and problems deep within our souls, to the people we truly are inside.

Like humans, they also have a soul and will stay around the energy of their owners following their physical death. They will be reunited with family that have known them and if there are no family crossed over, they will be comforted and looked after by an animal lover until such time their owners join them.

They very often return in Spirit form, to let you know their soul energy is still very present, especially in the first few months, when they sense you are grieving. Visitations thereafter will begin to trail off as your healing progresses.

You may however fleetingly feel they are around you, or you may hear a familiar scratching sound at a door, or as their tag tinkled on the side of their bowl, as they eat. You may feel a pressure upon the foot of your bed where they would have laid.

All pets you have ever loved throughout your life time, will be joined together and will watch over you with the same loyalty and unconditional love that they gave during their lifetime with you.

As with humans, any illnesses or ailments they suffered will be gone, once again restoring them to health and vigour. All the animals that exist here upon the earth, will exist on the other side, in a parallel universe, where there is grass, fields, woodlands and lakes. In a world where there is no cruelty or aggression, just pure love.

A beautiful existence where they will run and have fun. I have been told grass here upon the earth looks grey in colour, whereas the colour of nature on Spirit side of life is illuminous and vibrant.

I am often asked if a deceased pet is able to connect energetically with other pets that resided with you, who are still here? Your departed pet will be happy when you are happy, they will not want you to deny another animal the joy of sharing your love, especially so with any animals you have rescued from bad environments.

They will connect with your other pets who knew them and you may notice the other pet taking on similar characteristics of the lost pet. Animals are highly intuitive to Spirit energy. Observe them as we can learn a lot from our animal friends.

love is the most powerful spiritual force that exists. If you’ve loved an animal while it was alive on earth and that animal loved you, you will be reunited in heaven because the vibrational energy of the love you’ve shared will bond you, together forever.

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