Beginners Tarot Workshop

Two-part online webinar

Webinar Overview

The Tarot workshop for beginners is one of the most popular and fun based courses I run and host.

Students will learn the Major Arcana Tarot Card meanings, while I present visual powerpoint slides, gaining an in-depth understanding, with examples to each of the 22 Major Acarna cards.

This two part workshop will help you feel confident, giving a good level of Tarot card readings for fun, to your friends and family.

Who is this workshop for?

My beginners Tarot workshops are aimed at the novice. You don’t need any previous experience. Just an interest and an open mind.

What will I learn?

To be able to give accurate psychic readings with the tarot.

How to consult the tarot for quick questions, or more detailed readings.

To understand how to use the tarot to gain an insight to any challenge, or crossroads you might be experiencing in your life.

Give accurate psychic readings using the Major Arcana.

Identify and understand more of the lessons we lean and exchange in life.

Understand the symbology of the four elemental signs in regards to the different personality types.

Discover the different spreads to a specific answer to which you seek.

To give and receive a reading for the month ahead and what may be coming towards you.

How does it work?

This virtual meeting, taking place over Microsoft Teams, will be private and only those subscribed will be sent an invitation via email. This is a distant learning course. I will guide the course via your computer screens.

When and where?

There are currently no beginners classes scheduled. Please register to our email newsletter to get the latest updates, including dates to when this course will be running again. You can sign to our newsletter here >>> Register for newsletter

What is the cost and how to book my place?

No classes are published at the moment.

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