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About Gail Webb

Gail, born to parents who were both Mediums, started experiencing spiritual phenomena when she was just 10 years old. A young Belgium Nun, had materialised in front of her and imparted the knowledge, she was her life long guide.

Throughout her years of growing up, she developed the ability to speak to individuals in the Spirit World and would relay their message to the loved ones here on the earth-plane.

Her clientele ranges from neighbours, to high-end professionals, Harley Street doctors and celebrities.

She works full time as a Medium, as well as a healer and tutor, sharing her life-long natural ability, combining her first- hand knowledge and experience of the Spirit World, to the many students that seek her expertise.

Her spiritual growth continued into Physical Mediumship, bonding a trusting relationship with her Guides, when conducting spiritual cleanses of negative energies, attachments and hauntings.

Gail became an author in 2016 and in her first book "Soul Searchers”, she details the various true cases she has worked on and in her second book “Beyond the Veil” she describes her connection with Spirit and her understanding of their continued life after physical death.

She hosts a variety of workshops and events throughout the year, for attendees to witness and develop their own skills in a safe environment.

She has been a chat host on radio, both in the UK and in the USA, and has submitted numerous articles for a variety of spiritual magazines.

Annually, Gail hosts spiritual retreats in a private secluded location, beside the beautiful Dalyan river in Turkey. Students interested in spiritual matters, will be guided with many different talks and workshops, staying in their own private villas, surrounding the exclusive pool in a tranquil and peaceful location.

Books by Gail Webb

Beyond The Veil

Soul Searchers